Black Faces in White Places

When I heard this title as the next book-club read, I was so excited. Book titles are one of the first things that attract me to a book and this title drew me in immediately.

As a black person living in a majority white country, I have always felt we need more black faces in places tagged “white”. There is an obvious lack of representation of people of color especially in top tier positions. And that was what came to my mind when I heard the title.

This book offers revolutionary strategies designed to help people of color navigate and achieve success in the ever changing game of business, entrepreneurship, the corporate world, and life in general.

“Black Faces in White places” comes well recommended so I am excited to read it, and I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I am anticipating I will.

Leave a comment if you are joining me to read. I will love to discuss things we are learning along the way.

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