A Promised Land by Barack Obama

This month we are reading Obama’s words!!!

Yes ooo???

Since he left office, I have been looking forward to reading his memoir, and hearing his perspective and reflections on his time in office.

That’s basically what A Promised Land is about!
In it Obama talks about the run up to his presidency, and his first 4 years in office.
Yeah, just his first 4 years, we await a second edition??
The book is long so be prepared. According to him, he wanted young readers to get a real feel of what the office of the president entails, and the thoughts that go into so many of the decisions that are made.

With the reviews I have read, it looks like he did a good job with that.

You can get the paper copy of this book in almost any book store or on Amazon.

The e-book version is also available on Amazon.
I am personally going the audio book route on Audible. Read by Obama himself. And listening to his voice just gives me ginger to keep reading?? (or is ‘listening’ the correct term here??). Lol

As usual, leave a comment if you’re reading with me. Let’s discuss?.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the book!

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