My name is Ifeejesu. It means the love/will of Jesus.

So how did Ifyroberts come along??? Let’s just say I was young, had a crush, and the name has kinda stuck. Lol

I have always loved writing. Writing has always been a therapeutic way to express my emotions. For the longest time though, I was insecure about sharing my write-ups with the world. I’m slowly getting over that.

On this blog, I share my thoughts on a lot of societal issues, particularly issues affecting girls and women. Let me just add this here, I’m an unapologetic feminist, and that defines a lot of my opinions and world views.

I also enjoy reading, and in the Book Nook, I write about some of my favorite books. The book of the month feature gives you the option to join me in reading a particular book, and we can talk about it, and have a mini book-club discussion in the comment section?

I am also a Registered Nurse, and every so often, I write about certain health issues, and debunk some health myths.

So, welcome to my blog! Hopefully you enjoy reading, and you learn a thing or two in the process.


Ifeejesu a.k.a Ifyroberts??.

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