The Girl with the Louding Voice by Abi Daré

Hey bookies,
Happy New Month!!

This October, we are reading one of my favourite books by a Nigerian Author- The girl with the louding voice by Abi Daré.

The girl with the louding voice tells the story of a young girl,Adunni, from rural Nigeria and her quest and determination to get educated.
This book is both inspirational and heartbreaking. It details some of the challenges faced by girls all over the world particularly girls from low and middle income countries. It explores several themes including the theme of child marriage, rape and sexual abuse, child slavery, infertility, boy preference, and of course, girl child education.

International day of the girl child is always celebrated in October and I think this is a perfect book to read to mark this month to understand some of the challenges girls still face.

The book is mainly written in colloquial/broken English and this is reflected in the title, but I found it very easy to read, understand, and follow.

The girl with a louding voice is definitely a good read and I will love to hear your thoughts on the book in the comment section!

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