Reve-healed by Anita Adefuye

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Our book of the month this June is “Reve-healed : A true story of pain, healing and hope” by Anita Adefuye

Reve-healed tells the true story of the author’s experience of sexual violence, her journey through dealing with these traumas, and how she was finally able to get her healing.

So many themes and topics are explored in this book; sexual violence, its harmful effects,  the culture of silence,  child sexual abuse, the practice of victim blaming among others

I love that this book addresses not only victims of sexual abuse, but also family members and loved ones of victims, religious institutions, and the society as a whole. It mentions signs to look out for, and ways these different groups can work together to help victims heal, and prevent sexual violence before it happens

One of the biggest takeaways from the book is how you have to reveal your wounds for healing to fully take place. A direct quote from Reve-healed reads:

Revealing our wounds is very key in beginning our journey to healing and wholeness because what has happened in secrecy thrived in secrecy…you do not fight secrecy with secrets. You fight it with openness and transparency. You do not fight darkness with darkness,  you fight with light.
Your abuser has the upper hand when you continue to suffer in silence.  You take that power back when you expose your wounds.”


This book brought out so many emotions in me. It got me teary, angry at sexual perpetrators and the cultural beliefs and stereotypes that enable them, and it filled me with hope that victims and survivors can overcome and be fully whole. Like the title states, Reve-healed is definitely a story of pain, healing and hope.

My hope is that reading this book and hearing the author’s story gives survivors the courage to share their stories,  to reveal their wounds, to heal, and to take the power back from their abusers.

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