Becoming by Michelle Obama

Hey Bookies!!! Happy New Year!!! 

It’s been a hot minute on the blog eh?! *covers face*

 Yeah, I know. I took a break. I needed one

I am back now and our first book of the month this year is “Becoming” by Michelle Obama. 

Becoming is a personal favorite, and a favorite for many others too. 

It’s a memoir written by the former first lady that chronicles her life journey from growing up in a working class family in one of the poorer areas of Chicago, to becoming the first black First lady of the United States 

I’ll say one of the  first things that caught my attention (apart from the fact that it was written by THE Michelle Obama) was something Michelle said at the beginning of the book about a question we are often asked as kids:  “What do you want to be when you grow up?” . Michelle talked about how  irrelevant that question is because growing up is not finite, but rather it is ever evolving. We don’t grow up and become something. We are always “Becoming”. 

Michelle Obama shares so many invaluable lessons in this books. Invaluable lessons for women, girls, visible minorities, and people who are not born or privy to certain privileges.

I like Michelles honesty in this book. Her honesty as she shares her personal struggles. Struggles with self esteem, fertility, juggling marriage, motherhood and career, making the tough decision to quit her job to support her husband’s political career, race, living a public life, and a host of others. 

The book is written in a very personal tone and it almost feels like you are talking to a friend while reading it. I recall finishing this book and declaring Michelle and I are officially besties. lol

I enjoyed reading it and I believe it will make a great start to 2022.

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