What if it all goes right?

What if it all goes right?!

That’s the statement that kept nagging at me after finishing “The lost chapter” by Caroline Bishop, a christmas gift from my brother.

Like lots of people, I am an overthinker. I worry about the many “what ifs”.
Like so many people, I have lots of ideas written on the notes app of my phone, or on scrap pieces of paper all around my house.
I have many aspirations and lofty goals plus little wishes and things I would love to do.

And like a lot of people, I have been stopped by fear.
The fear of failure.

I have traded a lot of my lofty aspirations with the familiar warmth of the comfort zone. The stability of routine. Willing and convincing myself that I’m fine just the way I am. That the comfort zone is okay. That those lofty dreams and aspirations need to just stay “lofty”. That challenging myself is overrated.

Like lots of people,  I tend to take the path of least resistance. Trying not to challenge the status quo. Trying to feign non-challance.
But despite the pretence, every once in a while, a little more often lately, I feel the buried pangs of regret. Questioning and asking myself -why am I not doing more? Why have I given up on those goals?

This book brought all those feelings alive and left me with the question: What if it all goes right?!

And so I am choosing to challenge myself, and you reading this, when next you find yourself thinking about everything that could possibly go wrong, switch it up and ask yourself: What if everything goes right?

What would you rather be doing now if it all goes right?!

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