Procrastination did not win!!!!

Y’all, this just feels like the legit way to start this post because when I say I struggled with procrastination on writing, I did!!!

And I think the reason I struggled with it so much was because I just wasn’t sure which direction I wanted this ‘jobversary’ post to go.

Yeap, you read it right, JOBVERSARY post! Your girl has been a nurse for 2 whole years!!!

Still feels like yesterday when I was freaking out over what to wear for my first day orientation and now it’s been 2 whole years!!

Check out my 1st year jobversary post HERE. It contains a lot of gems about the things I learnt after graduating school and starting work.

This post today is going to be more like a reflection and a charge to myself and hopefully to someone else out there. The theme is “Smell the roses”.

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“What you are overwhelmed by now is what you prayed for”

I was listening to a song about adulting recently and one of the lyrics that caught my attention is “What you are overwhelmed by now is what you prayed for”. And that resonated a lot with me and all the personal reflections and thoughts that have been running through my mind.

Do you ever find yourself looking back at pictures, videos, snapchat memories, and feeling nostalgic and wishing you could go back to that time?
I know I have found myself doing that so many times. But then when I really think back, I realize that at that time I prayed, wished and looked forward to being where I am now. I mean, I look back on old videos and I find myself missing school ???!!
And that was when it clicked, in the next 2 years I could be looking back at pictures and videos of this present moment and find myself missing this season! And then the next question that comes to mind is; Am I enjoying this season? Am I making the most of this present time??

Time flies! It really does. Every second that passes is a time frame you will never get back again. Never! And it is easy to get carried away by this fast pace of life. So if you spend majority of your present wistfully longing for the past, or worrying about the future, you never really get to enjoy the present. And then, before you know it, your present becomes the past and the cycle continues.

So, my charge for myself, and for you is make time to smell the roses.

Enjoy the present moment.
The place you are right now, you prayed to be there. So enjoy it. Smile. Find things that make you happy and do it.

“See, smelling the roses requires you to stop, look around, spot the rose, and then smell it. It is an intentional action. “

Take time to look for the positives.
See, smelling the roses requires you to stop, look around, spot the rose, and then smell it. It is an intentional action. Sometimes the rose may be difficult to find. It may be hidden between thorns or weeds. So you have to really really look to find it. But it’s there. Find it and smell it.

There’s an app I got a couple of years ago, It is called “Bliss” and basically you record things you are grateful for each day. Try that. Every day make a list of at least 3 things that happened and you are grateful for. It could be as simple as the weather, or a delicious food you ate, or someone that said something nice…just write it down. And then on days when it feels like things have been all bad, you can look through that list and see that there’s a lot to be grateful for.

Find a balance between nostalgia, planning for the future, and enjoying your present. Find time, Make time, do whatever you can to enjoy this present moment because you will never get it back again!


And there you have it, my jobversary post, and your daily reminder to smell the roses?.
I hope they smell great??

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  1. I really enjoyed reading through this. It was like I was reading through what I wrote? bet no YOU wrote it ?. Gratitude leads to Contentment which leads to HAPPINESS.
    MAY God continue to keep us all HAPPY.

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