Happy New Year everyone!!!

Yeah, I know its almost mid January, but still, its my first post of 2021!!

So why did it take me this long to post??

Well, the acceptable, “well-put together lady that knows what she is doing” response will sound like “I was waiting for the right time, right post bla bla bla”

But the truth is; procrastination followed me to 2021 (hides face in shame)

Btw, have I ever told you I currently hold the world title for Chief procrastinator? If I haven’t, well now you know. lol

Anyway, let’s get back to business.

It’s a new year!

I am sure a lot of us entered this new year with resolutions, goals, SMART goals, visons for the year, vision boards etc.

We entered, determined this year would be different.

New Year, New Me.
That phrase never seems to go out of fashion.

Well, we are 10 days into January now! And by now, I am sure a lot of us can see where we stand.
(Fun Statistic: I actually recently learnt that 92% of New Year goals fail by January 15!)

Like me, you may have realized your old habits did not just fall and leave you alone because you wrote it down, and created a vison board, and determined in your heart that 2021 would be different.

The habits followed you into 2021.

It didn’t work like that black girl meme we always see towards the end of the year where she drops the bad things in the old year, and is stepping into the new year with a bag filled with all the good things.

woman stepping into new year meme Archives - StayHipp
I thought this one was particularly funny cos everyone was just waiting to drop the pandemic in 2020, lol

It actually takes work.

It requires discipline.

It requires being intentional.

It requires making a conscious effort to follow through despite all odds.

It requires accountability.
Holding yourself accountable, and finding trusted people that can also hold you accountable.

And finally, It requires GOD.

Yeah, I say this because, sometimes we have all of that, and something just happens that throws us off balance.

That was what happened to me. At least that’s what I’ll blame??

But yeah, there are situations that happen that are beyond our control.
A pandemic for instance.  The death of a loved one. Illness. Job loss. Economic depression. Natural disasters. Sometimes even something as trivial as ‘the weather’.

You name it.

As good as our vison boards, SMART goals, determination, can-do-it mindsets are, ‘things’ happen.
And in those times it takes some supernatural power, a divine intervention, something beyond our reach, GOD, to get us through.

Know this, and know peace.

So yeah, that’s my little pep talk to start the year.

It is as much a pep talk for you, as it is for me.
In my mind I’m thinking “Isn’t it too early in 2021 for me to be needing a pep talk?? lol, well, here we are.

I am really excited for this new year though.

My personal theme for the year is to STRETCH
To allow myself to be stretched
No more finding excuses to remain in my comfort zone.
This year, WE STRETCH.

What’s your personal theme for the year??

Abi you think it’s just your church that needs a theme??? lol

Seriously though, think about it. Have a theme for the year.
If not for anything, just cause it sounds cool to say you have a theme for the year. lol. One way or the other, if you allow it to, that theme will guide you and ginger* you when you need it to.

Thank you for reading through. I feel like I was maybe a tad bit all over the place with this post. But you get the gist sha??

I look forward to our journey together this year???. It’s going to be an exciting one!!


*Ginger- motivate

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