To my Teacher

Today is teacher’s day!

Teachers are gems. The impact teachers have on the lives of their students can change the trajectory of the student’s life.

Recently I was reflecting on this, and a particular instant came to mind. Today being Teachers day seems like just the perfect time to share this story.

When I was in primary school, I used to participate in debates. And I was fairly good at it.

Then I moved to secondary school, insecurities set in and I stopped doing debates. In fact, nobody knew I could debate. I never volunteered to participate, I just felt I wasn’t good enough.

Enter Mr Adewale, our English teacher and the head of the literary and debate club.

Mr Adewale took particular interest in me, and one day, when I was in SS1, he called me and said “Monijesu” (that was what he used to call me), You will be representing SS1 in a debate this Thursday”

I was shocked.

I cried, begged him, told him I was shy, cooked up every possible excuse, including faking the loss of my voice, to get myself out of the debate but Mr Adewale would hear none of it.

Long story short, Thursday came, I participated in the debate, came 2nd and that was the start of my “debating career” (Yes, I call it “career”, lol ) in EIS (Senior secondary school).

A career that spanned my remaining time in secondary school, several intra and inter school competitions, and gave me a “best speaker” award in a competition with several well known international schools in Nigeria.

All this because a Teacher saw in me what I did not see in myself, and pushed me to develop that potential.

I have many similar stories about the impact Teachers have had in my life but this one readily comes to mind.

So on Teachers day, I want to say THANK YOU to every Teacher out there. Thank you for your hard work. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for believing in your students. Thank you for guiding, and sometimes, pushing your students to become better. Thank you for the many lives you have changed. We appreciate you.

And to Mr Adewale, THANK YOU. I used to think your wahala was too much but now I know better. I really appreciate you Sir!

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