New beginnings!

I love birthdays! Especially when i am the one celebrating it ;-).  A day of the year when it can be solely about me. A day I am allowed to be selfish and act spoiled. I love birthdays so much I decided a few years ago, after watching an episode of Victorious, that I would celebrate “birth week” and not just “birthday” ( that’s 6 extra days : ) lol).

As much as I love birthdays, something about them brings a lot of introspection which could lead to feelings of unfulfillment. I usually get anxious as my birthday draws near. I worry about my age and achievements. I think about goals that I have not met, future plans and the expectations I, and other people have put on me. I worry about not doing enough. I think about my age mates and I end up comparing myself to them. I worry about making impact. I get the feeling that I am running out of time. At the end of the day, I am worn out emotionally and mentally. Then my birthday finally arrives and I have to put on a facade of happiness, joy and gratitude.

I want this to change. I don’t want to spend any more birthdays worried, anxious or sad. I want to learn to embrace the present moment. To celebrate my minor victories, to be genuinely grateful for the everyday things I take for granted. I want to learn to accept failure as a part of life. To accept that I am allowed to make mistakes and that I don’t have to be perfect.

If anything, I have learnt that worrying does not change anything except your mood.  As a result, I am changing strategies this year.

This post is the  dedicated to the start of a new journey. A journey I know will bring its own challenges, but this one, I am excited to take on!

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